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Last week, I was featured on Bill Gates’ blog just before the goalkeepers 2019 events in New York.  The global goal awardees were awe-inspiring as was the progress stories that graced the occasion. Here are my three biggest highlights of a great week.

  1. Practical solutions abound. Find it! The room was filled with great examples of youthful resourcefulness from every corner of the world. I learnt about Aya Chebbi’s Afrika Youth Movement bringing young people to the proverbial table and Gregory Rockson’s mPharma delivering quality improvements among other excellent initiatives transforming our world.
  2. If you have a brain you have bias. This is not news. A demonstration of the famous orchestra experiment on blind auditions and Stanford Psychology Professor Jennifer Eberhardt’s insights espoused our responsibility to reframe bias. Bias may be inevitable but never excusable.
  3. Recognition feels good but results are better. After being featured by Bill Gates and speaking at the goalkeepers event, I received a lot of goodwill messages and requests. It is certainly satisfying but oddly unfulfilling. I am chuffed but challenged to do more. Reflecting on being a goalkeeper, I am reminded that my results are not measured in mere numbers but in lives changed and lives saved.

Despite our collective progress, the goalkeepers report on inequality was however damning to our promise of leaving no-one behind. It unequivocally showed that where you are born is the biggest predictor of your future. We can do so much better.